ESSA African Investment Ltd.

ESSA African Investment Ltd

The company was established in the year 2013 by two major european construction companies: Napoca SA and Versys Ltd.

Both of these companies have been important players on the infrastructure as well as on the real estate development for the past twenty years.

Our company provides a complete range of services in construction and infrastructure development. Our quality insurance policy is implemented for each step starting from architecture to execution. In the future we would like to use our many year experience, engeniering knowledge and modern technology in order to help companies from Sierra Leone in making real estate and industrial investments. Our experience and technology is the guarantee that our clients will get the fastest and the highest quality services possible.


Our aim and vision is to help in the development of african countries as well, by doing what we know the best: construction.

In our opinion this will be possible by investing always in state of the art technology and human resources.

In 2013 we invested 2 million dollars in technology and human resources. This helps us to provide the best services in the industry and also to create at least 1000 new jobs in less than 3 years time. These jobs are exclusively local workers of Sierra Leone. In the next 3 years we plan to invest another 8 million dollars leading to new jobs and even better services.

Using great equipment ESSA African Investment Ltd will be able to provide high quality materials and service for the best price ever.


In our opinion the human individual is the major actor of every success story. Without well trained staff it is almost impossible to have a profitable business. This side of the company life is very complex and needs the most attention.

We like the long therm thinking. This explains our concern about education of local children and adults as well.

One of our major projects concerning the education is building a modern school where local children and adults can learn for free. Since there is need of many skilled workers in construction, we believe that the best way is intructing the local people for these jobs. For these our new built school would be the perfect place.